The independent financial advisory sector enjoys a huge potential for growth, where both the number of IFAS as well as a volume of managed assets have experienced significant growth. The work performed by these companies which are exclusively dedicated to advising clients is of great importance.

Openfinance with its expertise of 15 years offers these companies a user-friendly tool, tailor-made to their requirements; Bestportfolio allows these independent advisers to focus on their clients on a daily basis and optimise their advisory tasks, adapted at all times to the MiFID II regulatory framework.

Bestportfolio allows them to adapt to the number of banking entities used by their clients, as well as the open architecture principle that characterises the provision of the advisory service offered by an IFAS. Bestportfolio, through the Digital Onboarding of the clients at their IFAS, facilitates the digital signature of all documentation necessary for the proper provision of the service (Contract, Suitability Test, Proposal, etc.) to the preparation of all reporting to its clients and the regulator.