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The modular ecosystem with the best Wealthtech solutions

The best solutions


It constitutes a marketplace that offers the best Wealthtech solutions on the market, fully integrated with Openfinance products to increase the value of your business.  

It unifies the management of all relevant investment processes through a platform with the best user experience.

 Increase the value of your business.
Unify management.

Collaborate with partners


It is constantly complemented to respond to the current challenges of the industry thanks to the collaboration of partners most disruptors and innovators of the “Open Wealth Challenge” program.

 Collaboration with Partners.
 Program: “Open Wealth Challenge”.

Multitude of functionalities


It includes all types of functionalities, from client prospecting to portfolio optimization, favoring more efficient asset management by entities.

The anonymity and security of all customer information necessary for the operation of the modules available in Ecosystem is guaranteed..

 All kinds of functionalities
 Anonymity and security

Las mejores soluciones

Constituye un marketplace que ofrece las mejores soluciones Wealthtech del mercado, totalmente integradas con los productos de Openfinance para incrementar el valor de tu negocio. Unifica la gestión  de todos los procesos de inversión relevantes a través de una plataforma con la mejor experiencia de usuario.

 Incrementa el valor de tu negocio

Unifica la gestión

Colabora con partners

Se complementa constantemente para dar respuesta a los actuales desafíos de la industria gracias a la  colaboración de los partners más disruptores e innovadores  del programa “Open Wealth Challenge”.

 Colaboración con los Partners

 Programa: “Open Wealth Challenge”

Multitud de funcionalidades

Contempla todo tipo de funcionalidades , desde prospección de clientes hasta optimización de carteras, favoreciendo una gestión de patrimonios más eficiente por parte de las entidades. Se garantiza el  anonimato y la seguridad de toda la información  de los clientes necesaria para el funcionamiento de los módulos disponibles en Ecosystem.

 Todo tipo de funcionalidades

 Anonimato y seguridad

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Openfinance Ecosystem

What benefits does it provide?

Reduction of integration costs, operational risks and frictions derived from the implementation of technological solutions.

Thanks to the large number of technology partners, Openfinance clients can choose who to work with, based on business model, functional requirements, technical support or experience.

It allows you to connect with a “Plug & Play” approach and custom combine the services offered by our technological partners in the fastest and easiest way, maximizing the reach and value for our clients.


The wide variety of our standardized integrations allows the configuration of a robust wealth management solution, with unified management of the different providers.


Boost the digital transformation of your business without increasing technological complexity or associated maintenance costs.


It is possible to access from a secure, isolated and specific sandbox environment to test Ecosystem solutions. This allows you to test the available functionality without any impact on the production environment.

Your link with him Wealthtech universe

The modular ecosystem made up of the best Wealthtech solutions on the market fully integrated with Openfinance products.

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