Openworkplace Enterprise

What is Openworkplace Enterprise?_

It is our world-class solution. Its configuration will depend on the specific requirements of each one of our customers. Openworkplace Enterprise is configured with the set of functionalities and services necessary to cover all fintech requirements relating to an outstanding management tool for financial assets for private bankers and affluent advisors.

20 years of life and constant evolution has positioned us as a leader in the financial industry weatlh management tools.

Completely streamline the provision of your entities investment services. For your end clients, fully personalised and to the highest quality standards. For the professionals of your entity, automating and standardising all the processes that form part of the correct provision of these services. With regard to control and regulatory compliance, ensure that your entity fully eliminates any legal, reputational or operational risk The capabilities of the solution will allow you to globalise the provision of these services to all clients regardless of segment and volume.

Openworkplace Enterprise is a modular and reliable solution that we can customise exactly to your entity needs and your business model. This will allow you to grow with a robust and fully scalable technology.

From an omni-channel perspective all the services of our solution can be implemented through APIs which permit, if so required by the entity, consumption via the intranet or internet and via any platform existing on the market.

Who needs this solution?_

Any entity with a high number of clients, advisors or an agency network of a certain size. Entities that need to automate investment services or wish to offer their sales force a front end with added value applications.

Our solution is mainly demanded by banking entities (retail, personal and private), Management Companies of Collective Investment Institutions and Securities Houses. Openworkplace Enterprise will become your strategic partner in the process for attracting, advising and retaining both high net-worth as well as medium and low net-worth clients.

Our expertise allows us to put ourselves in the shoes of each client in order to offer them an ad hoc solution.

What benefits does it offer? Why choose Openworkplace Enterprise?_

It offers a solution backed by industry for more than 20 years, it allows fully customization and scalability, it helps improve both the service as well as the perception of the end client without modifying the current technical arquitecture of your entity. Openworkplace Enterprise is a solution designed and tested by Openfinance experts tailored made for you. We are experts, and we have the credibility granted us by our customers in seven countries, where we manage more than 650,000 portfolios.

We have a powerful tool for the management and maintenance of the relationship with the customers of financial services, which provides a comprehensive overview for the commercial assessment and management of portfolios.

Our solution is continuously evolving thanks to our team. We are a highly experienced team of 75 professionals from private banking and asset management world with a large experience in consultancy and fintech solutions. 

Modules and functionalities_

The Openworkplace Core is the basis of the solution and it permits the integration into any back office system in a short period of time, a unique portfolio and client user-friendly monitoring interface and the integration of the entity’s instrument master data and other data belonging to the client and their portfolios.

We offer three modules that stand apart depending on the functionality and the key function for your business. Openadvice, Openportfolio and Openreporting. In addition, you can add extra functionalities such as Openfinancialplanning, OpenCRM and a Robo-advisor as well as Openmonitor and Openchatbot, which you can use to further optimise and monitor your activity if your business requires it.


  • Fully Integration with client’s systems.
  • Development of a high value-added Regulatory compliant business, such as MiFID II Directive.
  • Generation of savings and investment proposals adapted to each entity.
  • Preparation of added value portfolio reports.
  • Control of investment portfolios (alerts/risk management).
  • Tools to design multiple portfolios.
  • Leverages investment made (it can be integrated into other applications)
  • Generation of online reports for the end client adapted to each digital channel.
  • User Friendly and simple language, but with technical depth.
  • 100% adaptable to the institution’s business model
  • Improves communication and sales information, aiding the manager’s task
  • Dynamic management of portfolio risk.

We enrich and complement your business model 

  1. Portfolio management model
  2. Portfolio assessment model
  3. Portfolio rebalancing
  4. Automatic dispatch of orders to the entities router
  5. Measurement of portfolio performance (TWR)
  6. Measurement of risk associated to the portfolio
  7. Investment strategies
  8. Back Testing
  9. Preparation of suitability and appropriateness test
  10. Financial CRM
  11. Reporting to clients
  12. Reporting to regulators
  13. Monitoring and definition of alerts
  14. Financial planning
  15. Regulatory Compliance

Working methodology_

Once contact has been made with the customer, our sales and pre-sales team will perform an initial assessment of your current technology, business model and processes in order to understand your basic needs and requirements, offering all our global knowledge and experience accumulated over years.

In addition to the Openworkplace Enterprise solution, we could add, if necessary, other layers of financial solutions from our parent company BME Inntech: from an online broker to the management of orders, innovative solutions such as services by trusted third parties, regulatory reporting and regulatory compliance platforms, or robo-advisors.

Once the environment and offer have been agreed, the project and implementation teams will be deployed and integrated. Our projects are executed by project managers who have participated in similar projects and we use agile methodologies.

And after the sale?_

The relationship with the customer does not end after the sales process. On the contrary, there will be a fluent relationship, you may received assistance and the relationship account managers will be your point of contact in order to make growing your business with new products developments and updates.