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Openworkplace SaaS

What is Openworkplace SaaS?_

It is our cloud solution designed for dynamic environments where growth, efficiency and effectiveness are key to client portfolio management.

It is a robust solution, fully modular, scalable and flexible. It has been designed by experts and for experts and it adapts to the needs of the business models that management companies , companies and securities houses as well as banks require to automate their processes and make them more efficient, regardless whether this is for managing portfolios, providing investment advice, retaining clients or monitoring them.

Who needs this solution?_

It is ideal for medium-sized or newly established companies and brokerage firms, as well as for banks that need to automate their processes with total flexibility, but do not have a network of branches and a number of clients similar to those of large banks. This type of service adapts to your needs both from the point of view of your payment formulas and the scalability of the solutions.

What benefits does it offer? Why choose Openworkplace Saas?_

With the Openworkplace SAAS solution financial entities can grow in the knowledge that they are offering the best service possible to their end customers, this package solution through software as a service (SaaS), offers is scalable and multichannel.

The customer don´t  need to worry about the acquisition or installation of hardware or new releases or maintaining the software. Everything is included so you can focus on your real business.

The flexible design of this product allows it to be scalable and will ensure that your company has all the controls and automation that allow you to comply with the regulatory requirements. With this solution your business will be able to evolve to the market at the pace you need in any stage of your business plan, you will be able to grow at the same time you optimise your network of advisers or agencies so they can strengthen the relationship with the final clients in a friendly and efficient manner.


Time-to-market solutions: can be rolled out in stages, depending on the size of your entity and the applicable regulatory compliance, you will be able to incorporate the following modules: Digital Onboarding, OpenReporting, Integration with in-house or third party systems, Financial Planning, CRM, Client and Employee Web, Tax Module, ChatBot, RoboAdvisor and BigData-OpenMonitor.


  • Integration with in-house and third-party systems from the client’s system map.
  • Regulatory compliance, the solution is designed to adapt to new regulations set by the regulator (MiFID II).
  • Generation of savings and investment proposals adapted to the assessment strategies of each entity.
  • Preparation of added value portfolio reports.
  • Reporting to the regulator regarding discretional portfolio management and assessment.
  • Control of investment portfolios (alerts/risk management).
  • Tools for the design of multiple portfolios according to risk profiles, investment objectives and client segmentation, and of its benchmarks.
  • Option to consolidate portfolios with different investment┬┤s targets.
  • Generation of online reports for the end clients adapted to each digital channel.
  • Focus on commercial assessment and regulatory compliance.
  • Quick, intuitive to use and straightforward language for advisers and their clients, but with the necessary technical depth.
  • Monitoring of the commercial activity and the assessment, via CRM.
  • A tool that permits the automation of documentary management processes, such as the automatic preparation of contracts, forms, receipts and any other output that requires a document to be sent to the client as a means of notification or to be collected if signed electronically or manually. “Paperless entity”
  • Monitoring of the level of assertiveness regarding portfolio types and investment recommendations.
  • Dynamic management of portfolio risk.
  • Quality in the presentation to clients, with thoroughness, transparency and a visual and comprehensive focus.
  • Solution in continuous evolution, which could incorporate, as required, technologies such as Digital Onboarding, ChatBot 2.0, Roboadvisor, Tax Modules, Online Broker or Big Data.

Working methodology_

Once contact has been made with the customer, our sales and pre-sales team will perform an initial assessment of your current technology, business model and processes in order to understand your basic needs and requirements, offering all our global knowledge and experience accumulated over years.

In addition to the Openworkplace Enterprise solution, we could add, if necessary, other layers of financial solutions from our parent company BME Inntech: from an online broker to the management of orders, innovative solutions such as services by trusted third parties, regulatory reporting and regulatory compliance platforms, or robo-advisors.

Once the environment and offer have been agreed, the project and implementation teams will be deployed and integrated. Our projects are executed by project managers who have participated in similar projects and we use agile methodologies.

And after the sale?_

The relationship with the customer does not end after the sales process. On the contrary, there will be a fluent relationship, you may received assistance and the relationship account managers will be your point of contact in order to make growing your business with new products developments and updates.