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Fintech solutions for the wealth management industry

Our solution adapts to the specific needs of each business through different sign up methods._

  • On-premise
  • Large entities
  • Custom integration
  • Bespoke developments
  • Configurable to the entity
  • Tailored look & feel
  • License acquisition
  • Annual maintenance
  • Extended support
  • Unlimited users
  • Cloud
  • Large and medium-sized entities
  • Custom integration
  • Bespoke developments
  • Configurable to the entity
  • Tailored look & feel
  • License rental
  • Subscription model
  • Extended support
  • From 25 users
  • Cloud
  • Medium and small entities
  • Standard integration
  • Standard solution
  • Configurable to the entity
  • Adapted look & feel
  • License rental
  • Subscription model
  • Standard support
  • From 3 users

Our solution’s modules cover the entire wealth management life cycle of financial institutions’ clients_

We automate and digitalise the processes of reporting, advice and discretionary portfolio management, complying with the required regulations and business rules of our clients.







Core module that includes management of the bank’s users, clients and financial instruments

  • User administration: definitions of roles and permissions, access control, integration with LDAP
  • Hierarchy and client visibility
  • Client and group management
  • Administration of financial instrument master
  • Audit module
  • Entity configuration: look & feel, risk matrix, country, currencies, languages


Module that automates advisory processes ensuring regulatory processes

  • This module provides the functions needed to outline and generate investment proposals in line with the client’s profile and the risk, complexity and liquidity restrictions required by the regulations in force
  • Parametric generation of suitability, convenience and KYC test entirely configurable by the bank
  • Investment proposals generated based on model or tailor-made portfolios with continuous monitoring of investment suitability for the client based on their risk profile and the rules established by the bank
  • Generation of both multi-target and retirement financial planning proposals
  • Generation of proposal reports in PDF format and monitoring of recommendation status
  • The platform is ready to process the information on costs and expenses required by regulation
  • Traceability monitoring for all commercial actions carried out with clients through generation of events and records of their proceedings
  • Management of model portfolios and benchmarks by risk profile. Model portfolio reports can also be generated in PDF format
  • Regulatory and business controls applied to investment proposals: minimum investments, fund classes, MiFID, risk control, convenience, target audience, etc.
  • CNMV statements:
    • T3: list of clients by investment profile pursuant to Spanish regulations
    • T8: list of data concerning the investment and product proposals compiled for statements T8A, T8B and T8C


Module allowing managers to assess investment portfolio and generate value-added reports

  • Generation of value-added investment / account / client contract reports both on demand and periodically, including the following analyses:
    • Reports for specific dates or comparing separate dates Ability to consolidate and disaggregate portfolio reports
    • Details on positions and unrealised return
    • Return performance over a period (MWR or TWR)
    • Movements and transactions
    • Return/risk
    • Asset Allocation
    • Performance & Risk Attribution
    • Currency effect
    • Ex post analysis of costs and expenses
  • Aggregate reports of all client investment portfolios with the ability to create a report on a group of clients or family unity both in web and PDF format
  • Reports adapted entirely to the bank’s corporate image
  • Generation of configurable mass reports
  • Ability to calculate the success fees and/or management fees associated with the accounts
  • CNMV statements:
    • T2: number of clients by service and segment


Module for automating discretionary portfolio management

  • Registration of management contracts for a client pre-loaded with the required legal parameters
  • Massive or individualized constraint management
  • Automatic rebalancing of portfolios against adjustment of model portfolios by risk
  • Bulk or individual rebalancing and order generation
  • Massive orders including transfers, buy and sell transactions, sales and redemptions, and purchases and subscriptions
  • Manual dispatch of orders generated from different portfolio configurations
  • Generation of client position reports (ad hoc or mass)
  • Contract monitoring and management, risk control and alerts
  • Fee management and calculation
  • Management of model portfolios and benchmarks by risk profile. Model portfolio reports can also be generated in PDF format


Easy and intuitive module for monitoring business activity

Allows monitoring to be carried out on client portfolios as compared to their risk profile in order to boost business activity

  • Appointments and tasks: calendar where manager appointments and tasks can be managed. Can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar
  • Campaigns and targets: campaigns and business targets generated and monitored centrally with the ability to generate warning
  • Different types of alerts generated on the platform: for client portfolios, products, renewing and updating suitability and convenience tests, portfolio risk control, CRM, etc.
  • Statistics: information for the bank’s supervisors or department managers to perform suitable monitoring
  • Watchlist: lists of financial products being followed by managers


Module for the end client to have a web interface with access to all information about their portfolios.

This module provides end customers with a web interface through which they can consult information on their portfolios, adapted to the entity’s look & feel.

With a simple click, customers can consult their returns and generate their own reports, if they so wish. They can also consult their suitability tests and investment proposals.

It is up to the bank to decide which customers it wants to offer this service by activating it through the administration module.


API connection module with comprehensive documentation and resources to facilitate its integration

The developer portal is our website where the API documentation is located. It is where developers can discover our APIs, learn how to use them, request access and test them.

It also has several SDKs in different programming languages to speed up third party development to integrate with our APIs interface.


Module that enables tracking of aggregated information from all activities

This module intended for the bank’s supervisors or department managers allows aggregate information on all activity to be consulted in order to perform suitable monitoring.

It shows a series of KPIs at different levels via a user-friendly interface. They factor in everything from monitoring the bank’s clients to the performance of the wealth managed by the managers, commercial activity and conversion, management contracts, returns, etc.


Modular ecosystem comprising the best wealthtech solutions on the market

Through the Openfinance Ecosystem, financial institutions benefit from a unique and instant access to an entire ecosystem that enhances processes across the entire value chain of wealth management. This offers countless advantages such as cost reduction in integration, time-to-market, and risk with providers.