International footprint

International footprint_

In recent years, BME has strengthened its commitment with Latin America. BME’s commitment is to develop an international strategy for the projection of products, services and technology, while contributing to the development and modernization of the financial markets in the region. After more than twenty years of experience, BME has consolidated its presence in Latin America, especially in Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela and Bolivia. BME operates in the region through its subsidiary BME LATAM based in Bogotá, Colombia.



Openfinance operates in Mexico through Valmer, the technological subsidiary of Bolsa Mexicana Valores (BMV). Openfinance has developed a complete suite of financial tools adapted to the Sales Practices Circular that facilitate the compliance with this regulation and it´s fully integrated with the Pricing Vector of its partner Valmer.

Costa Rica

The Bolsa Nacional de Valores de Costa Rica (BNV) has signed an agreement for the distribution of the Openworkplace® platform in Costa Rica.

The Openworkplace® platform provides comprehensive support for all the activities of the investment management and consultancy business for Private/Personal/Affluent Banking Costa Rican customers.

Colombia y Perú

In Colombia Openfinance is represented by Dr. Augusto Acosta and Dr. Susana Gómez, who have been, respectively, chair and vice-chair of the Bolsa de Valores de Bogotá and Colombia. Openfinance complies with all these circulars of the Financial Superintendence of Colombia regarding information security, internal controls and assessment processes for financial services clients.


Openfinance has been working and collaborating successfully in the demanding Chilean market through Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago.

Since 2002 we have consolidated our presence in Latin America on large projects with first-line financial institutions in Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica and Chile..