The digital transformation and new models arising from technology have resulted in huge impact on the internal organisation, infrastructure and processes of banks.

Openfinance offers its retail, personal and private banking partners the possibility to optimise and automate their range of asset management and advisory services through robust added value solutions which range from the integration of all the entity’s in-house and third-party systems to the improvement of their business processes by ensuring regulatory compliance, as well as the possibility to eliminate operational risks and ultimately improve their efficiency ratios.

The goal is to empower banks to transform their customers´s and advisor´s experience to support their daily interactions and long-term relationships with mass affluent and U/HNW customers offering sophisticated portfolio management functionality to mass affluent and U/HNW clients, allied with CRM capabilities, mobile and internet banking capabilities.

We offer our 15 years experience from different success cases to overcome the long-standing barriers to investment by, for example, enabling banks to progressively renovate systems, thereby speeding up time to value and lowering risk to value.

We have been helping national and international banking entities for more than 15 years to improve and redefine their business processes with Openworkplace financial technology.

Openfinance also incorporates added value with a boost from solutions by BME Inntech which range from an online broker to new services channels such as ChatBot, access to markets, the management of orders and trusted third party services.