Wealth and fund management institutions

More and more wealth and fund management institutions need to diferenciate themselves from the term “financial product” in favour of the term “financial solution” in order to industrializing the investment process, allowing you to efficiently manage investments for large numbers of complex portfolios and achieve maximal investment performance with fully compliance and integrated capabilities, deployable on-premise or in the Cloud.

Openfinance makes its Openworkplace Enterprise and Openworkplace SaaS solutions available to these institutions which will allow them to incorporate modular tools that range from Digital Onboarding to the transactional operations of Funds, Securities, Portfolio Evaluation, Access to Model Portfolios, Reporting to the Regulator, Client Reports, Financial Planning, CRM, Client and Employee Web, Tax Module, ChatBot, RoboAdvisor and BigData-OpenMonitor.

All of our accumulated experience of more than 15 years implementing and developing tailor-made solutions in more than 70 national and international clients at your disposal.