Openfinance Ecosystem

What is Openfinance Ecosystem?_

Modular ecosystem that can be customised for each business model. It is made up of the best wealthtech solutions on the market, fully integrated with Openfinance products.

In this way, it is possible to unify the management of all relevant investment processes maximising the user experience.

Modules and functionalities_


It serves as a marketplace offering the market’s best wealthtech solutions, which are fully integrated with the Openfinance wealth management products in order to boost the value of your business..


It standardises all the major investment processes through a platform with optimal user experience.


It is continuously supplemented to respond to the current challenges in the industry thanks to collaboration with the most disruptive and innovative partners from the Open Wealth Challenge programme.


It considers all types of functions, from prospecting clients to portfolio optimisation, which helps make wealth management more efficient on the part of the entities.


It ensures the required anonymity and security of all client information for the modules available in Ecosystem to operate.


Incorporates sustainability indicators that complement our reporting, advisory and Discretionary Portfolio Management services. It brings an ESG approach to investments that ensures regulatory compliance.


It offers a portal for each entity that enhances prospecting and customer acquisition, accompanying them from the financial planning of personal objectives to contracting.   LODM  ODM  ODM  


Provider that automates the digital signature process of all platform documentation, ensuring compliance with the regulations applied to the financial industry. ODM  OODM  ODM  DM M  OODM  ODM  DM  


Global financial data aggregator that automatically connects Openfinance solutions with more than 150 entities worldwide, enabling a holistic view of customer wealth.


It offers a comprehensive multi-objective financial planning solution that enables advisors to provide personalized, automated and continuously monitored advice.


It offers an omni-channel MIFID II suitability test that uses behavioural finance for a more accurate, more efficient and lower drop-out rate assessment.   LODM  LODM  LODM


It provides a continuous customer monitoring service that ensures the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing and complements our digital enrolment solution. losdSSS losdSSS


It provides the advisor with a tool for the automated preparation of investment proposals under the Black-Litterman portfolio optimisation model.M  OODM  ODMM  OODM  ODM  DM   DM 


It provides a smart identity verification and ID document scanning service focused on improving the experience and robustness of digital enrolment. LOREMLOREMLOREMM  OODM  ODM  DM M  OODM  ODM  DM 

What benefits does it offer? Why choose Openfinance Ecosystem?_


Reduced integration costs, operational risk and provider risk that result from the launch of technological solutions.


Allows you to connect and combine multiple services offered by our technology partners with a plug & play approach, maximising the reach and value for our customers


It accelerates the digital transformation of your business without increasing technical complexity or the associated maintenance costs.


Thanks to the large number of parnerships, Openfinance clients can select who they work with based on business model, functional


The wide variety of our standardised integrations allows the configuration of a robust wealth management solution with a standardized management.


It can be accessed from a secure, isolated and specific sandbox environment in order to test the Ecosystem solutions. This allows the available functions to be tested without any impact on the production environment.

Our solution_