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Supercharge your investment services with our leading solution.

We automate and digitize reporting, advisory and discretionary portfolio management processes

Our product adapts to the specific needs of your business thanks to its modular approach

We cover the entire life cycle of wealth management, guaranteeing regulatory compliance from start to finish.

All in one

Covers the entire life cycle of wealth management.

Under control

Ensure regulatory compliance from start to finish.

Revolutionary Expertise

Consolidates more than 20 years of experience.

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It adapts to the needs of your business thanks to its modular approach.

Discover how our modules boost your investment services

Advise your clients with ADVICE

Ensure regulatory and business requirements
Multiply your productivity by mitigating legal and operational risks
Plan your clients' vital goals with 360º advice
Optimize your customer satisfaction with proactive management

Follow the evolution of portfolios with REPORTING

Adapt the depth of the report for each client
Add multiple custodian or family unit accounts
Customize the format and content of the report
Automate the generation of reports for all your clients

Automate Discretionary Portfolio Management with MANAGE

Customize management according to the mandate of each contract
Multiply your efficiency with rebalancing and massive operations
Sophisticate your strategies through building blocks
Control your management to the millimeter with tailored alerts

Boost your commercial activity with MONITOR

Monitor the evolution of portfolio risk accurately
Keep all your appointments and tasks in one place
Optimize your commercial management with campaigns, objectives and proactive alerts
Take control of your business with our dashboard

Connect with your clientele with our CUSTOMER WEBSITE

Involve your clients from a portal with the character of your entity
Enhance the operational autonomy of your clients with our platform
Keep your clients informed about their portfolios and investment proposals
Revolutionize your customers' experience with access to an exclusive digital channel

Access the cutting edge in wealth management with

Connect to the modular ecosystem with the best wealthtech solutions.
Transform your business and get ahead of change with the most innovative solutions.
Say goodbye to integration costs with multiple platforms.
Improve operational efficiency globally

And much more !

Maximize your potential by scaling the management and shipping of your orders.
Industrialize your order reception and transmission service.
Simplify your management and centralize all your documents.
Integrate any resource through the API Manager.
Customize your services according to your clients' preferences.