Openfinance technology,
the cornerstone of your business

Openfinance is a fintech company with extensive experience in applying cutting-edge technologies in its products.

Using the API First approach guided by the OpenAPI specification, we develop all the microservices required to implement an effective API lifecycle management and governance strategy. This architecture, together with the power of cloud services, allows for high scalability of our solutions.

What are the benefits?_

It facilitates the linking of different systems, the use of data stored in different sources and a significant improvement in data management. The API Manager provides centralised access control for APIs and integrated security.

It allows independent evolution with full control over versioning without impacting other subsystems thanks to an architecture that is completely decoupled through microservices.

In addition, it favours a fast Time to Market of new functionalities and agility in the face of changes in a constantly evolving business such as the financial sector.

It reduces costs through the increased efficiency of our architecture, allowing more services to be delivered with fewer hardware resources.

It provides scalability and load balancing automatically and independently at all times in accordance with our Service Level Agreement, optimising user experience.

Following the best practices of development, Openfinance is ISO 27001 certified and is a Microsoft Gold Partner.

It supports the sustainable maintenance of our solutions by enabling non-disruptive upgrades. This is made possible without human intervention through deployment in containerised orchestration systems, DevOps practices with CI/CD that promote faster delivery of new developments, code security and vulnerability checks (DevSecOps), and quality assurance processes.

It is compatible with the market’s leading cloud computing providers and on-premise infrastructure.